Transactions 01 / 10

Transaction advisory is the key and leading service of Think Legal Law Firm.

We have represented both buyers and sellers, as well as investors and entities acquiring investments. Our clients originate from diverse sectors, such as new technologies, energy, real estate security systems, as well as medical and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, we have supported Polish and foreign investment funds of the VC and PE type.

We acquired necessary experience and a unique know-how allowing for the proper protection of our clients’ interests and avoidance of potential transaction risks.

Our services include in particular :

  • comprehensive transaction support, including the preparation of required documentation (including letter of intent [term sheet], investment agreement, company agreement, share transfer agreement, escrow account agreement, documents regarding transaction security);
  • planning the legal and tax structure of the transaction;
  • negotiating transaction terms and transaction documentation on behalf of the client;
  • conducting and preparing due diligence processes and reports;
  • supporting the implementation of recommendations resulting from due diligence;
  • advice on corporate governance;
  • creating, merging and transforming companies and one-person business operations/sole proprietorship;
  • share deal and asset deal transactions.

Corporate services 02 / 10

We provide corporate services for companies and advise on matters related to commercial companies, including management boards of companies, partners and shareholders.

Our services include :

  • comprehensive day-to-day service for commercial law companies;
  • drafting corporate documents (resolutions of partners / shareholders, articles of association, regulations of management boards and the supervisory boards);
  • service of shareholders’ meetings and general meetings;
  • representing partners / shareholders in relation to the company;
  • taking steps to protect the management board from the risk of being responsible for the company’s obligations;
  • audit of corporate documentation in order to identify and neutralize threats related to errors in the company’s internal documentation;
  • establishing business, partnerships, limited liability companies and joint-stock companies, as well as branches of foreign enterprises;
  • liquidation of companies;
  • divisions, transformations and mergers of companies;
  • developing the concept of managing companies in a capital group;
  • creation of incentive programs (ESOP, MSOP) for employees of the company.

Bonds 03 / 10

We support bond issuers in the comprehensive conduct of the issue process, starting with the design of the issue, through the preparation of full emission documentation.

Including :

  • development of the concept of issue and offer;
  • preparation of issue documents (resolutions, contracts, regulations, prospectuses, memoranda);
  • use of debt securities, including building incentive programs, planned business successions or internal corporate settlements;
  • preparation of securing bond issues and acting as a security administrator.

Business succession 04 / 10

We support our clients in the process of secure and optimal transfer of their assets and enterprise, particularly to legal successors.

Our goal is that fortuitous events do not disturb the functioning of the business. The scope of our services includes, among others :

  • designing the manner of succession (MBO, sales, retention of property without participation in management);
  • use of foreign legal regulations in the creation of trusts and foundations in other EU Member States, enabling the transfer of the management over a company to a particular heir;
  • adaptation of corporate documents in case of fortuitous events;
  • preparation of a well-planned inheritance strategy enabling detailed division of private assets.

Intellectual property 05 / 10

We provide comprehensive support for issues related to intellectual property.

We advise business clients on matters related to the protection of their brand, as well as management and use of intellectual property rights. We also support the alignment of personal data processing policy with the GDPR provisions. The scope of our services includes :

  • registration of trademarks and building a brand protection strategy;
  • drawing up license agreements and agreements for the disposal of intellectual property rights;
  • undertaking actions for the protection of intellectual property;
  • creating an intellectual property management strategy in an enterprise;
  • implementation of the GDPR and legal audits of the GDPR.

Real estate 06 / 10

We have experience in providing legal services in the field of real estate law.

We can offer our clients :

  • comprehensive service of real estate transactions, both in the form of share deal and asset deal;
  • carrying out legal research on real estate (due diligence);
  • real estate financing (credit, leasing);
  • commercialization of real estate and shopping centers (lease agreements, real estate management contracts);
  • preparation and negotiation of agreements with investors, general contractors and designers.

Risk and compliance 07 / 10

We provide support in the area of risk management and compliance in the organization.

As part of which we offer :

  • implementation of a compliance management system that provides the company with maximum legal and organizational security;
  • creating appropriate structures for risk management in the event of non-compliance with applicable legal regulations;
  • creating mechanisms to protect against internal fraud, conflicts of interest in the enterprise;
  • introduction of anti-corruption regulations in the company;
  • internal regulation of the liability of the Management Board in capital companies;
  • legal alert – signaling changes in the law, in order to ensure compliance of the Client’s operations with the current legal status (newsletter);
  • registration of funds as alternative investment companies (‘ASI’), development and implementation of the ASI compliance policy, including accordance with the requirements of the Investment Funds Act and AML regulations (anti money laundering).

Contracts 08 / 10

We support business clients in their daily business activities, in particular in the area of contracts.

We offer :

  • preparing and issuing opinions on contracts between entrepreneurs (B2B);
  • negotiating contracts with business entities on behalf of the client, including trade contracts;
  • legal examination of concluded and performed contracts in terms of their correct preparation and the existence of potential legal risks;
  • legal alert, i.e. current legal status analysis in order to update standard contractual clauses used by the client in business relations.

Disputes 09 / 10

We offer our clients full support in the field of court and arbitration disputes, with particular emphasis on corporate disputes.

Our services include :

  • representing clients in proceedings in courts, including arbitration courts and public administration bodies in cases of an economic nature;
  • creating and implementing a process strategy agreed with the client;
  • negotiating and entering into court and out-of-court settlements;
  • representing partners and shareholders in disputes with the company or with other partners or shareholders.

Taxes 10 / 10

We offer tax consultancy to the full extent, in particular as part of transaction planning.

The scope of our services includes :

  • tax planning, in particular related to transactions;
  • ongoing consultancy;
  • preparation of transfer pricing documentation;
  • advice on CIT, PIT and VAT.